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Brethren on iTunes?

Okay folks...it's 2010 and you've long since lost your original tape release of Brethren, along with your virginity, your morals, and countless socks...and have years ago replaced your Walkman with an iPod. Even if you did have the tape, you couldn't transfer it to your computer, because you lacked the equipment (tape player = door stop), the resources, or, let’s face it, the brains to do so. The river of tears you cried have long since dried up, but today is a new day! Check us out on iTunes, get the whole shebang, download the memories, and make us 10 dollars richer (minus fees). Avoid all that tape hiss, and garbled up spots in the music caused by your dog chewing the tape, or by your car’s tape deck that day you left it out in the subzero cold. C’mon, you know you want it.

Oh, and did we mention that there are two bonus tracks? That’s right, something not on the orginal release. One track is a live version of the vintage BC song “Loser” (recorded in 1992 at McFarlands in Omaha), featuring Bob Popular on keys. The other is live/studio mash-up, “Right On Brother.” Get it...the future past is now. Beef Curtans in the 21st and 1/10th century!!! (Also available on Amazon, or a Beef Curtan near you.)



There was a party in our bike pants...and at the Stir Cove behind Harrah's Casino [photos from the show]. Harrah's and The Reader thought it would be cool to hold a FREE concert on the grass in conjunction with RAGBRAI. Since the race started that weekend in Council Bluffs, and since three of the Beef Curtans were actually riding on RAGBRAI (Lank Badly and Groovus Du arrived from Seattle, D-evil Lovespear arrived from across the river), and since we were all together in one place at the same time...

Bear Country opened the show at 7pm. Afterwhich, Omaha’s popular Filter Kings joined the party, adding a touch of their hard driving rock-a-billy style to the night. Little Brazil, Omaha indie rockers, was third on the bill and played a great set. Last and perhaps not least, the resurrected Beef Curtans. The small crowd that came to Coucil Bluffs that Friday were very entertained! The weather was beautiful, the night was gorgeous, the people were drunker than normal...you shoulda come.

Beef Curtans CDNew Album – Beef Curious?
Released July, 2009

We recently added some photos and some unreleased studio and live recordings on this site. A new CD release entitled Beef Curious? is available, no kidding, complete with 9 newly recorded tracks — Hi-fi beef galore! If you are interested in a copy of it, please contact us at curious@beefcurtans.com right away...we didn't make many, and they are disappearing fast. Jim Homan did a real bang up job with the recording, it's almost like he knows what he's doing!

For more Beef, we've setup a Beef Curtans Facebook group. God help us if we twitter. Don't forget to look at our bio page for an interesting read, plus random images.

Stay tuned Brethren!!!


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